Anna Scouten has been attracting a lot of attention from a young age as a talented and 

sophisticated performer, with steely blue eyes and an arresting voice. From being featured 

on Joshua Hyslop’s hit ‘What Have I Done?” (from the album Where the Mountain Meets the 

Valley ) to touring with her sister and fellow musician Sarah Jane Scouten, she has already 

established herself as an artist. Based in Vancouver and originally from Bowen Island BC, 

this 25-year-old is on the verge of blowing the top off Canadian indie-folk music. Her lyrics 

are cutting and her melodies are unexpected. With heavy influences of Cat Power, Feist, Joni 

Mitchell and Billie Holiday, and a history steeped in jazz and folk music, this is a young 

musician you’re going to want to keep an eye out for.


“Local artist Anna Scouten’s quiet folk is the perfect backdrop for her stunning voice. Her 

lyrics are both melancholy and romantic, deeply personal yet endlessly relatable."

- POP! Montreal


“Soft, acoustic folk numbers carried by Scouten's high, clear vocal coos. The arrangements are simple and plaintive, with guitar strumming joined by touches of banjo, strings and percussion. – Exclaim 


“Anna has a pure n’sweet voice capable of reaching those high notes that somehow leave 

the air clearer once they’re gone. Hearing her sing is like washing the guck of everyday 

sound out of your ears.” – The Vault